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We help in building projects on time within defined budget

For over a decade, we have been in the business of developing products/projects through our Technology consulting and Management Services on a wide range of solutions across key verticals such as Healthcare, Education, Retail, Technology, Telecommunication, Electronics, Infrastructure, and Construction. 

We have delivered 120+ Projects and Products since 2007 across Enterprise Web and Mobile Platforms. Using our on-demand experts, and professionals we turn ideas into real code delivering applications on time within the defined budget. We guarantee high-quality delivery through our industry-standard best practices and standards ensuring processes adapt to set customer goals and objectives.

Our end-to-end team of experts handles Product Management, Project ManagementBusiness Analysis and Market ResearchDigital MarketingUI/UX,  Full-stack Development, and Low-code No-Code offer Management and Development services in building CloudAIData Science & MLData Visualization Applications. Our well-defined DevOps processes and framework are aimed at helping customers meet their business demands and compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

Get pre-built or customized solutions for your application

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E - Commerce

With intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and conversion-oriented best-in-class eCommerce development solutions, our eCommerce development team can assist you to thrive in a competitive marketplace and expand your global reach. We provide this WOW experience through pioneering eCommerce providers such as WooCommerce, OpenCart and Shopify.



Our SaaS Telehealth product AKRA HEALTH provides patients access to their health medical records and medical forms, enabling end-to-end communications across various healthcare providers, pharmacies, Medical Associations, Clinics, and other healthcare institutions by leveraging blockchain technology.

Learning Management

Learning Management

Our experienced team of LMS developers offer custom e-Learning course development services that will help your organization's e-learning Portal needs. Our E-Learning Portal provides a platform to anyone who has a keen interest in participating, contributing, and promoting e-learning and development.

Virtual classroom

Virtual Classroom

We offer Online Classroom as a virtual mode of training where individuals can select a particular subject as per their choice. Individuals who would like to take benefit from a classroom training environment and improve their behavioral and team-building skills can choose Classroom mode based on the availability of dates on the training calendar.



We have developed SaaS cloud applications from conceptualization to implementation and brought in delivery excellence and maintained a high level of customer satisfaction, ensuring they are aligned & delivered based on set business goals and objectives, reduced operational risks, and increased profitability.

Web scrapping


Our Python Scrapy and Web Scraping API services will guarantee immediate & efficient action in meeting your scraping needs. We have experience in developing various web scraping features such as AI Chatbot, Crawling Techniques, Crawl data across websites or any global database via APIs, etc.

Full Stack

Full stack design and development services

Over the years we have been offering Full stack design, development, and deployment services leveraging various Tech Stacks such as MERN, MEAN, PHP, Python and Java technologies across various platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We have delivered projects of highest quality standards ensuring delivery excellence and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Business Management Consulting Services

AKRA Professional Management consultancy Services offers comprehensive business consulting to help your company succeed. Our experienced team of business management consultants will identify areas of opportunity and provide guidance on the implementation of proven tactics and strategies. We’ll also help you develop an actionable roadmap to guide your organization in achieving its goals.

From strategic planning and process improvement to financial analysis and market research, we customize our Business Management Consulting services to meet your unique needs. Our business managers are experts in relationship building, team management, and organizational development. We work closely with you to identify current obstacles and potential roadblocks while using data-driven solutions to help break through any challenges. Combining our business management expertise in diverse industries with an observation-based strategy ensures that our management consulting solutions are tailored specifically to your company’s goals.


Software Testing Process


Front-end & Back-end Development & Support

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Native & Hybrid Mobile Design & Development


Cloud Infrastructure Management & DevOps

Product Management

Product Management

We collaborate with you to build a world-class product management aptitude, from strategic planning and portfolio management to agile, front-line execution. Our Experts employ product management methodologies on every project to guarantee your company's success.


Project Management

Through our certified Agile-Scrum masters we have helped companies organize their thoughts through prioritized Backlogs, setting up teams, Product Owner & Scrum Master, effective planning through Sprint, Stand up status calls through collaboration and frequent customer feedback cycles.

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From user onboarding to feedback and review, our products consist of an integrated set of experiences working together seamlessly. We Design and deliver best-in-class Web & Mobile apps and implement UX solutions in software to prove out core elements of the idea.

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We help make a seamless transition with next-generation mobile devices and on-the-go solutions. We bring in increased collaboration and deepen customer relationships by providing true business mobility through new devices that leverage the power of software, services, and solutions.

block chain application development

Low Code / No Code

Our no-code/low-code experts drastically reduce the time and complexities required to deliver your custom application by using automated development phases, reusable codes, drag-and-drop modules, and a visual creative process.


Digital Marketing

From user onboarding to feedback and review, our products consist of an integrated set of experiences working together seamlessly. We Design and deliver best-in-class Web & Mobile apps and implement UX solutions in software to prove out core elements of the idea.

Crisis & Incident

Crisis and Incident Management.

AKRA Professional management consultancy Services advises and supports companies in times of crisis, allowing them to effectively manage their response and minimize the risk of prolonged issues. Our Risk management consultant team works with clients to develop a comprehensive risk assessment framework and identify potential disruptions. We also provide expertise on measures such as deploying extra resources, minimizing downtime, and rapid incident response mobilization.

crisis management

We leverage our management consulting experience as veterans in the security and safety industry to help organizations create an effective crisis management plan. Our management team focuses on executing a thorough risk assessment and real-time incident response strategy. We provide tailored solutions for each business’s unique needs so that companies can effectively manage their emergencies without having to worry about costly delays or disruptions. Additionally, AKRA Professional Management Services provides comprehensive training programs to ensure employees are well-prepared for any crises that might arise in the future.

Crisis & Incident

Digital Transformation Solutions.

With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, AKRA Professional Management Services provides a comprehensive range of digital transformation solutions designed to help companies navigate complex challenges associated with the ever-changing technology market. Our team of experienced professionals management consultants with large-scale projects, from assessing risk and developing strategies to implementing innovative technologies to modernizing organizational structures. We also provide ongoing support to ensure clients stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive business management environment.

Our management consulting team has a deep understanding of the digital landscape and is guided by pre-established principles to ensure clients receive meaningful results. With cloud-native engineering and innovative service design, our solutions cater to clients of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise ranges from artificial intelligence and machine learning to Internet of Things (IoT) integration and cybersecurity, meaning we can provide optimal solutions that meet our client’s needs. Through close collaboration with clients, AKRA Professional management consulting Services ensures successful outcomes and works hard to provide tailored advice that avoids common pitfalls.


Our wide range of technology consulting services aims at helping our customers address their business processes to meet the ever-changing demands of the business. Our full stack development services are designed to handle customized customer needs to meet your specific business goals.
Project Management


Our Project Management services help define and manage PMO processes to ensure visibility across any given project covering the following areas - Scope Management, Communication Management, Financial Management, Schedule Management, Stakeholder Management, Reporting, etc, across the various phases of the project. Our experienced and certified project managers are highly qualified to manage projects, leveraging tools such as Clickup, Asana, JIRA, Trello, Slack, Monday.com etc, tracking and monitoring variances – Effort, Cost & Schedule. Please also visit our Management Consulting Portal - www.akratech.in which showcases our project management domain experience.

Product Management


Our clients come with an idea and we turn this idea to Minimal Viable Product, with a ready to launch approach. Our approach manifests through our robust product Management processes involving Product Strategy, Roadmap, Planning & Execution for every product that we have built. We work closely with you in critical phase of Ideation and translating them to building blocks defining use-cases, wireframes, mockups, prototypes , taking it foward with technical solutioning involved Physical & Logical architectures leading to design, development and Launch. Our product management ensures an effective working model between all product stakeholders right from Product Ideation to Post-Implementation Support.


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What Our Clients Say

Hire PHP Full Stack on contract

Why hire PHP full-stack developers from Akratech?

One of the most extensive collections of features is available with PHP as a scripting language. The language can be used to construct a variety of interactive web products or to resolve a number of challenging problems with the correct kind of knowledge.

Our PHP programming services offer the same versatility and power as the PHP scripting language. For small to large organizations, we provide excellent offshore PHP development services and solutions. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience with several PHP-based frameworks, we can provide you with reliable, scalable, and affordable PHP programming services.

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Get Python Developers on Contract

Why choose our Python full-stack developers?

Programming applications including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, and data visualization can all be accomplished using the language Python. You can utilize the skills and knowledge of numerous experts to make your project a success by using Python programming services. We are a prominent Python programming company with the competence and knowledge to create a new version of your product or enhance an already existing one. For businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, our team develops specialized software solutions.

Helping companies give a competitive edge through our Python Development Services.

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Pricing Prediction

Hire MERN Stack Developers on Contract

How do companies benefit from our MERN Stack Developers?

MERN Stack Development is an open-source Javascript framework for creating dynamic websites and web applications that includes software elements including MongoDB, Express.JS, React, and Node.js.

We provide businesses with a comprehensive range of MERN Stack development services. Using MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js), our specialists develop feature-rich web apps that promote business growth all around the world.

Let’s develop applications faster with our MERN Stack Developers.

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Hire MEAN Stack Developers on Contract

Why our MEAN Stack Developers?

A group of technologies known as the MEAN stack is used to create sophisticated and interactive web applications. Any Mean Stack software is developed using a combination of technologies including MongoDB, Express Js, Angular Js, and Node Js. Javascript is used by Mean Stack to create new modules and functionalities.

For companies wanting to employ MEAN Stack engineers, we are a top company in mean stack development. Select from a variety of employment models that are flexible and meet your company's needs on a monthly, weekly, or hourly basis. To create cutting-edge products and offer exceptional business solutions, work with MEAN Stack developers from Akratech.

Hire the best MEAN Stack Developers for your applications to scale up.

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Rental-E-commerce Services

Hire Mobile Native Stack Developers on Contract

Why go for our Mobile Native Stack Developers?

At Akratech, our area of expertise is offering thorough mobile app development services. As a top provider of mobile application development services, Akratech uses industry-leading techniques to produce cutting-edge mobile experiences. High-tech & creative mobile application development services are offered by our skilled mobile app developers. The mobile applications we create are filled with all the newest features and have a modern, intuitive design.

Onboard skilled Mobile App Developers to get your App development speed up.

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Minimal Viable Products(MVP)

We’ll help you develop your MVP and find the best product-market fit.

Our MVP Development Services

  • Defining MVP Roadmap
  • Designing MVP
  • Identifying tech stack
  • Agile Development

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SaaS Application

Searching for the right SaaS application? Leave it to us! Our experienced developers can create something custom-tailored to your specific requirements - no more fussing around!

Building a SaaS (Software as a Service) application can be a complex and challenging process, but with our team of developers you can get a great, User-friendly app that Increases your ROI

We will create modern, unified designs that work intuitively on any device, from desktop to mobile. Through our expertise, we'll make sure your web application looks great and functions seamlessly!

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Web Application

Ready-Made Solutions for Your Next Web Application - We Take Care of Development

Are you looking to launch a web app without dealing with complex development yourself? Get back to focusing on the core of your business while we handle everything else – from design to maintenance!

Our team of web developers can handle all your needs, from designing and developing your application to providing ongoing maintenance and support. Let us take care of the details while you focus on the core of your business.

Say goodbye to time-consuming and tedious trial-and-error processes and enjoy an accurate, reliable solution that meets your needs!

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Mobile Applications

Put Your Business on the Map with Our Professional Mobile Application Development Service

Our experienced developers deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to fit your unique needs and objectives. No matter what you're looking for, our team will create an exceptional mobile app that meets all of your requirements.

Choosing the right platform and technology stack is key to developing a successful product. Our experienced developers can help you make the best choice based on your needs and desired features. It’s important to select the right development tools, making sure they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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Third-party Integration

Looking for a reliable third-party integration company to streamline your operations and increase efficiency?

Look no further! Our experienced team is dedicated to providing customized solutions tailored to each of our client's individual needs.

Our services include connecting different software systems—like CRM, ERP, accounting software, Payment gateway, and other Third party tools—to allow them to communicate with each other and share data. The process empowers businesses by automating tasks, eliminating manual data entry, and improving accuracy.

If you choose us, we guarantee exceptional quality assurance with thorough testing before implementation and great customer support that is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Re-Engineering (Legacy apps)

Are you looking for ways to make your business processes, technologies, and organizational structure more efficient and effective?

Our scope of services is vast, ranging from process re-engineering, technology re-engineering, and business model re-engineering to organizational re-engineering.

Through these various services, we can help optimize inefficient processes and identify areas of improvement, eliminate unnecessary steps to save time and reduce costs, modernize technology systems and upgrade software/hardware, and align existing business models with organizational goals and objectives while also streamlining decision-making.

We have a team of experienced professionals ready to deliver customized solutions that meet the individual needs of each and every one of our clients.

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